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Klomptek® delivers SMS based carrier-grade device security services for mobile operator, mobile phone manufacturer and mobile service provider.

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tek is founded in 2009 and based in Amsterdam area, the Netherlands. With over a decade experience in developing advanced mobile phone and server-side solutions, the team behind Klomptek is introducing unique products in the area of remote security solutions for mobile phones that can be customized and branded to the needs of mobile operator, mobile phone manufacturer, mobile service provider and large retail.


Klomptek security products based on "Track and Protect" were voted best Mobile Innovation by Telecom Society, nominated for Softwareload’s “Software of the Year”, recommended as the best web-based remote security service by Pocket Gear and named an Official Honoree of the 15th Annual Webby Awards for best use of device camera.
Track and Protect variants are also selected by manufacturers Nokia and Huawei as an essential part of the security mechanism in their devices.
For one of the worlds largest mobile operators, MTN, Klomptek developed 
"MTN Protect".

Track and Protect for Nokia, Huawei, MTN

 Key elements of our offered products:
- out of the box solutions for fast deployment
- multi-platform branded phone clients and server/portal hosting or API package
- operates without APN/BES/BIS/etc. No need for Mobile internet. 
- secure SMS is used as phone client-server transport mechanism (Operator SMSC)
- no roaming issues: works anywhere, anytime.  
- no battery drain (no pinging to server)
- immune to SIM swap
- in use in 189 countries, manufacturer preloaded, operator branded

To learn more about the unique feature list and the options to get your own branded mobile phone security solution please continue reading here or contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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