Advanced remote security for smartphones

Help your clients to protect their valuable smart phones and personal information through carrier-grade device management services.

Klomptek delivers remote security management applications that allows users to monitor, lock and wipe data from a lost or stolen cell phone. By using secure SMS as transport mechanism for command sending to and from phones our solutions do not effect the phone battery life and will, unlike many similar products, not stop working in case roaming. TnP_logo No need for mobile Internet, e.g. no need for APN/BIS/BES/GPRS, EDGE, etc., also means the service can be used in any territory that lacks mobile Internet coverage.
tek security solutions are in use by phone manufacturers, operators and service providers and is activated in over 189 countries.
Unique feature set: remote camera control, call back and more:
In addition to being able to secure content on the device through remote commands sent via a web service, users are able to track the location of the missing phone in real time through an on-line (satellite) mapping system and take photographs from the device of its present surroundings*, with the ability to listen in and, automatically, capture images of the phone’s current possessor. The service allows users to collect enough information -- including current location, new phone number, operator ID, IMSI and facial photographs -- to generate a substantive police report. All features are operable even after illegal SIM change.

Key elements:
- out of the box solution
- branded phone clients
- portal API for server integration
- optional: branded portal and portal hosting
- multi-platform phone clients. multi-lingual clients and server API
- no need for APN/BES/BIS/etc. Secure SMS is used for transport
- no roaming issues, no battery drain, immune to SIM swap
- in use in 189 countries, manufacturer preloaded

Built for global scale:
- Redundant infrastructure
- Dedicated API for ANY operator SMS gateway integration
- Localized in 20+ languages, incl. English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Chinese , Russian, Arab, Finnish, Turkish, Italian, Hungarian, and many others.
- Cross-platform client support (Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Meego, others to be announced).

Business models:
- Flexible commerce back-end ready for operator and partner integration
- Revenue share (retail) via partner - License fee (OEM)

Download Klomptek TnP Corporate Presentation

* Mobile Internet required to upload thief mugshots and remotely taken surrounding images.

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